Michael Yardney’s Guide to Investing Successfully

Michael Yardney


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ISBN: 9781925927931
Publish Date: 04/05/22
Page Count: 304

Discover how the rich make their money so you can become financially free.

 Are you satisfied with your financial situation? Most people are not. Money is central to our lives—we make financial decisions every day. Would you like to be able to make those choices with confidence?

Michael Yardney’s Guide to Investing Successfully is for anyone who wants to secure their financial future but is confused about all the contradictory advice out there. It is a practical guide to growing your money the smart way by understanding what the rich invest in that the average person does not. Readers will learn the essential skills of investment as well as becoming financially fluent by understanding the language of money, finance, shares and property.

Michael Yardney shows you how to take control of your finances and achieve financial freedom by getting your money working for you in this easy to understand practical guide that covers the psychology and mindset of successful investing together with sound strategies for the stock market and real estate investing.

About the author:

Once again voted Australia’s leading property investment advisor, Michael Yardney’s opinions as a property commentator have been featured in major newspapers, magazines and media  outlets in Australia. Michael is a bestselling author and was recently voted one of Australia’s 50 most influential thought leaders, but he’s no theorist. He bought his first investment property almost five decades ago and has since built a very substantial, multi-million dollar property and investment portfolio as well as a significant national business. He is also the bestselling author of books such as How To Grow A Multi-Million Dollar Property Portfolio, and his Guide To Getting Rich, Negotiate, Influence and Persuade, Rich Habits Poor Habits and What Every Property Investor Needs To Know About Finance, Tax And The Law.