The Exoneration Papers

Andrew L. Urban


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ISBN: 9781922810915
Publish Date: 14/08/23
Page Count: 224

What happens when a man disappears from his yacht on Australia Day 2009 and police target his partner of 18 years as the prime suspect? The only suspect.

By the time Sue Neill-Fraser is convicted of murdering her partner Bob Chappell, the court will have seen no murder weapon, heard from no witnesses to the murder, heard no evidence that puts Sue Neill-Fraser at the crime scene. And Bob’s body is still missing.

Tracking the case for a decade, investigative journalist Andrew L. Urban presents the papers full of facts and findings that prove this is a wrongful conviction. And shows how ‘the system’ seeks to protect it.

In the wake of two failed appeals and after Sue Neill-Fraser has served 13 years of her 23 year sentence (and is now on parole), legal experts, academics and politicians detail the many errors that demand the conviction be quashed. Yet despite the constant calls for a review, Tasmania’s Attorney-General refuses to establish an inquiry, citing misleading reasons.

The Exoneration Papers: Sue-Neill Fraser also shows how the Integrity Commission, the Legal Profession Board, the Tasmanian Law Society and the Bar Association all fell short of their stated functions in responding to complaints about the system.

About the author:

Andrew L Urban is an author, journalist, and documentary filmmaker, fled Hungary as a child during the 1956 revolution, eventually settling in Australia. He has written for many publications and has authored investigative books on wrongful convictions. His first book, Murder by the Prosecution explored several wrongful convictions and was described by Margaret Cunneen SC as a ‘troubling expose’. He has published the online Wrongful Convictions Report since 2018. Since 1985, before turning his journalistic attention to miscarriages of justice (prompted by the Eve Ash documentary Shadow of Doubt), Andrew was a prolific film journalist and covered the Cannes Film Festival for 20 years for both screen trade publications and mainstream media. He was Channel Host on World Movies for five years. He co-published with his wife Louise, the online movie magazine Urban Cinefile for 20 years. During his lifelong career as a journalist, he has had over 2,000 freelance articles published in a variety of publications in Australia and internationally. Andrew conceived and presented Front Up, a weekly series on SBS TV that ran from 1992–2003/04. Andrew has profound empathy with Ukrainians: in 1956, with his mother and stepfather, he fled from Russian tanks during the Hungarian Revolution. His most recent works include Gladys and Climate Alarm Reality.