The Wieambilla Shootings

John Kerr


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ISBN: 9781922810847
Publish Date: 8/01/24
Page Count: 192

Two survivors, three lost lives. The true story of a long-prepared ambush by religiously motivated conspiracy theorists.

Grappling with a dangerous conspiratorial worldview, Gareth, Nathaniel and Stacey Train carry out one of Australia’s most horrific ambush attacks. Disillusion, paranoia, isolation collides violently with distrust of government and the outside world in Central Queensland.

John Kerr has taken time and care to intimately research the lives of Nathan, Gareth and Stacey Train to help readers make some sense of what happened that day and why.

With an incoherent mash-up of Apocalyptic Christianity, the Sovereign Citizen Movement, doomsday preppers mentality, anti-vax conspiracy theories and a withdrawal from normal society, The Wieambilla Shootings chronicles the trio’s descent.

About the author:

John Kerr is a best selling author, book seller, editor and publisher. Having worked as a police and court reporter, in recent years John has become one of Australia’s leading writers on crime. His 2022 book, The Big Folbigg Mistake, was a critical success and helped drawn attention to the terrible miscarriage of justice Kathleen Folbigg suffered resulting from the judiciary’s ignorant dismissal of top scientific evidence.