Juniper and the Oak

Penelope Lau


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ISBN: 9781925927603
Publish Date: 26/05/21
Page Count: 32

Juniper Bunny lives next to a farm with her family and loves her favourite oak tree. One day she is dismayed to find her tree losing its leaves!
An enchanting story of learning about and discovering the delights of the four seasons. Juniper learns to adapt and embrace the changes that each season brings, from vibrant autumn leaves to glistening white snow, spring’s fragrant blooms and summer’s sunny days.

About the author:

Penelope Lau is an author and illustrator who lives in Melbourne. She has a background in stem cell research and is a mother of two young children. She is passionate about art and nature, and her work endeavours to combine the two. Her stories aim to renew the sense of wonder in children and to inspire them to appreciate the beauty in life and the world around them.