Pride without Prejudice

Beverley Pinder


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ISBN: 9781922810762
Publish Date: 21/08/23
Page Count: 144

Pride without Prejudice is the inspirational autobiography of Beverley Pinder OAM, former Miss Universe Australia, glass ceiling-breaking PR businesswoman and former long-serving City of Melbourne councillor.

Beverley has always been grateful for the opportunities that Australia gave her and her family, and has believed in repaying that favour whenever possible – mainly through charity work.

Beverley’s life’s work has been underpinned by her strong concern for the less-fortunate among us, and her belief in the late Father Bob Maguire’s philosophy of ‘communitarianism’, whereby the whole community benefits from the help offered to those who most need it within each community.

Beverley’s story includes pointers for younger generations on how to achieve success in any field of life. Her autobiography includes a few pages where some of the women she has mentored over the years speak with passion and eloquence about the inspiring ‘beauty with brains’, Beverley Pinder.

About the author:

As a teenage immigrant, Beverley Pinder sought acceptance via charity work and beauty contests. Having represented Australia in the Miss Universe contest, she went into PR, and soon established her own highly successful firm. She served two terms as a Cit y of Melbourne councillor, and supported several charities – which remains a high priority for her. She received a Medal of the Order of Australia in January 2023. Pride without Prejudice is her debut book about her life.