The Bull

Ken Piesse


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ISBN: 9781922810816
Publish Date: 1/08/23
Page Count: 288

David Warner: Daring To Be Different – Unveiling cricket’s greatest entertainer!

The first Australian cricketer to play 100 internationals across all three levels (Tests, ODIs and T20s), David Warner is a champion of his generation; fabulous but flawed. No Australian opener in history has surpassed his rapid-fire strike rate in excess of 70 runs per 100 balls. Only one other has surpassed his aggregate of 45 centuries across all levels.

Feisty, flamboyant, verbose and villainous, few have been as entertaining or as polarising as the great David Warner.

 The Bull is the first full-scale biography of one of Australian cricket’s champions of the generation. It features the yarns, the stats and all the fun of cricket’s greatest entertainer.

About the author:

Born the year the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) Test wicket was illegally watered, author and commentator Ken Piesse is Australian cricket’s master storyteller, who has written, edited or published 87 books on the summer game, including Cricket’s Colosseum, 125 years of Test Cricket at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Ken was president of the Australian Cricket Society from 2006-22. He works for P & O telling stories, tall and true, on cricket and football. He is also a proud member of the Mt Eliza fifth XI on the Mornington Peninsula, and occasionally his very loopy leg-breaks land. In one breakout ‘C’ section match in the Australian Over 60s National Championships in Perth in 2016–17, his 40 (retired) came at better than a run-a-ball.

His Pictorial History of Australian Test Cricket (2016 for Echo/Bonnier) was recognised as the Australian cricket book of the year. He is the author of the bestselling book, On Ya Warnie.