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Over the last three years, the National Civic Council’s News Weekly has continued to fulfil the role it has played since the 1940s as a journal of unadorned news reporting, authoritative commentary and sober analysis of current issues. As the issues have changed, so has the content of News Weekly kept pace in tackling the new issues, even as its “point of view”, to borrow the phrase from News Weekly’s founder, B.A. Bob Santamaria, has remained steady.

That point of view is derived from the National Civic Council’s “Five Primacies”:

Defending life

Supporting the family

Assisting small enterprise

Promoting the national interest

Fostering Judeo-Christian virtues

Under these heads, News Weekly presents trustworthy alternative views to those generally found in the media on issues as current as same-sex marriage, transgenderism, climate change, the energy crisis, manufacturing, family taxation, and much more. Moreover News Weekly also provides a cultural forum for recovering and illuminating the Western heritage, starting from its true roots in ancient Greece and Rome.

The writers in The Best of News Weekly include Colin Teese, Peter Westmore, Patrick J. Byrne, Terri M. Kelleher, Brian Coman, Jeffry Babb, Hal G.P. Colebatch, Peter Abetz, Chris McCormack, Mark McGovern, Damian Wyld, Lucy Sullivan, Symeon J. Thompson and David James.

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Pre Order: The Best of News Weekly

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