• Awesome Kids Family Calendar 2018

2018 calendar featuring artwork by the children of Frankston

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The Awesome Kids Family Calendar showcases children’s creativity, giving children a voice on matters of importance, and in 2018 this is Embracing Diversity. The first Awesome Kids Family Calendar was created in 2011 when Frankston workers from Child First, Family Services and Communities for Children collaborated with families and children who wanted a better way to organise their days. The children, schools and community organisations identify a theme each year, with 2018 being the year of Embracing Diversity. Children gathered at the pre-school, primary and special school, and homework club to talk and draw about what diversity meant for them. They had a great deal to say.


Share with the children through their artwork, their stories of friendship, how people live, what languages they speak and food they eat at home. The children went much deeper and also commented and drew the different types of houses people called home, games they played, music they made and listened to, animals they loved, flags they had affinity to, and ways to greet friends. Different types of clothes and a wide variety of family sizes and make up also featured.


The Awesome Kids Family Calendar captures many of the children’s drawings and each year the children wait with great excitement to see their work presented back to them so beautifully.


Frankston children receive this calendar each year, however many others have expressed interest in the calendar to organise their days using the stickers, stars and reminders to ensure that every important event is listed and achieved. This is why the 2018 edition of the calendar will be distributed around Victoria so that others are able to purchase the calendar with proceeds going to a Community Chest with the local schools and groups involved being able to fund community projects.

Proceeds to Anglicare Victoria

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Awesome Kids Family Calendar 2018

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